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Who is eligible to attend the FCG x PRESS DAYS?


Eligible participants are PR agencies, fashion, beauty and accessory brands as well as sponsors.

How to participate as a brand without PR representation?

Brands without PR representation either rent their own showroom space or come together with other brands to collectively rent a showroom space. In both cases, please contact Clare Langhammer (, who is coordinating and advising these matters.

Is there a participation fee?

For all participating agencies and brands there is a participation fee. The exact amount is shown on the participation form.

How do I register for the FCG x PRESS DAYS?

In order to register the participation form needs to be signed and a scanned copy needs to be sent to Clare Langhammer (

All information regarding deadlines and terms & conditions are stated on the participation form.

FCG x PRESS DAYS reserve the right, at our discretion, not to accept applications.

How do I receive the participation form?

In order to receive the participation form, please send a request to Clare Langhammer ( 

What is included in the participation fee?

Exposure to leading press representatives who get invited from the FCG x PRESS DAYS team.

Agency / brand will be included on the FCG x PRESS DAYS website, Social Media postings and communicated to the participating press.

+1 invitation to the official FCG x PRESS DAYS Dinner.


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